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Parenting The Modern Teen

Here’s how to repair your relationship with your teen and stop the endless yelling, punishing, bribing, nagging, and grounding.

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About The Book

The book is available in e-book format which you can purchase and read online, or offline by downloading it and printing it out. It is also available in an audio version, read by me.

 If you are tired of arguing with your teen, fed up with feeling disrespected and done with the teenage attitude and your teen not listening and appreciating you, then this book is for you. In it I share my story and how I changed my parenting for the better, and offer you many solutions to help you navigate the challenges you might be facing with your teen. 

“This book was truly a parenting eye-opener for myself and my husband!  It awakened us to a fresh perspective on how to deal with our two teenage sons and we came away not only with a sense of relief that our teenagers were just being teenagers but also that we can relax a little and find our calm through the storms.  We are now more aware of our own triggers, our old habits, and know how to deal with them.  We know that if we pause long enough to re-calibrate our thoughts the outcome is ultimately a win-win for us all.  Louise’s parenting philosophies make perfect sense and we are forever grateful that she has enlightened us!”

Belinda Auld

About the author

Hi and welcome! My name is Louise Clarke and I’m so happy you have found me here.

I am a Certified Parent Coach, Mindfulness Coach, mom to three teens and the author of Parenting The Modern Teen: The secret to understanding, connecting and communicating with your teenager in a disconnected, distracted and digital world.

If you want to find out more about me, please go to

“Parenting The Modern Teen is a must read for today’s teen parent. Louise gives us the tools to break the blocks of our own fears and triggers so we have better reactions with our teens. These tools help us see what is really troubling our child rather than reacting to the behavior that is presented when they are upset. Louise teaches us to be present and mindful in our parenting role so we move towards being a supportive parent rather than falling back into the exhausting endless arguments. The end result is keeping a loving relationship with your teen while allowing them to grow independently.”

Pattie Lindsay-Ross

“Louise’s book came at the right time having a son who just turned 13! Reading her book is like having a cup of coffee with a friend. It’s easy to read, understand and she gets what it’s like to be a parent of a teenager. Her words are encouraging, her stories familiar and advice a change of pace from the norm. Her advice of looking at how we are reacting to our children’s behavior – “It’s not them, it’s us” really opened my eyes. It’s not about condoning bad and disrespectful behavior but rather understanding where the tumultuous behavior is coming from instead of the typical knee jerk reaction. Forming a connecting relationship is key. I’m very grateful I got to read this just on the cusp of teenager-hood!”

Claire S